Getting Reaquainted with Neosporin

Yup, I still bleed red.

Yup, I still bleed red.

Skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading, boogieboarding, mountainbiking…  I’ve always had a thing for recreational sports that present a risk for injury.  On Saturday, I found a new one… ripsticking!  It’s sort of a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard.  Or maybe a better analogy would be it’s to skateboarding what rollerblading is to rollerskating.  I was never much good on a skateboard (OK, so I suck), but I found the ripstick to be much easier. In only a few minutes I was zipping around the driveway at my friend’s house.  But before long, I was reminded of what it’s often like to be a kid again.  I cruised down the hill on their long driveway, perfectly comfortable with the ride.  At the bottom I swung to the right a bit to give myself a wide turn to the left.  I swung just a tad too wide, however, and the front wheel slipped off the edge of the driveway into the grass.  The ripstick stopped dead, and I kept going.  Two scraped palms and a skinned knee later, I found myself getting reaquainted with peroxide and neosporin.  Ah, this is the stuff of 10-year-old summer afternoons!

And the best part is still the same thing today as it was years ago: I got a cool injury to show off!



3 Responses to “Getting Reaquainted with Neosporin”

  1. Jos Says:

    Impressive, but ouch!

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey, sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad it was in the palms where scars don’t last. The battle wounds wont last too long which is kind of sad.

  3. Ken Says:

    Yeah, they’re already turning to scabs now. Oh well, looking forward to this weekend when I can take the ripstick back out! =)

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