There’s No Rabbit in Welsh Rabbit

Welsh Rabbit - safe for bunnies.

Welsh Rabbit - safe for bunnies.

I came to the conclusion recently that I’ve been in an eating rut. My daily routine relegates dinner to an afterthought that always catches me off guard as my roommates arrive home well past 7, and I suddenly realize that I should probably start thinking about eating.  So then out comes the Tader Joe’s tomato soup and grilled cheese or some other simple, fool-proof meal.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup is a great staple for bachelors.  The ingredients are simple: bread, cheese, tomato soup, and butter.  Plus I’ve got a handy panini-maker which saves me the step of even having to flip the grilled cheese. I must say, I’ve done plenty of experimenting, and I do believe I’ve finally found the ultimate combination for grilled cheese!  Want to know what it is?  Sorry, this post is supposed to be about Welsh Rabbit.

Anyway, maybe this monotony explains why I’ve been eating out far too often. Dining out requires no planning, effort, or talent.  It’s the easy way to throw variety into your diet without pulling out a cookbook.  When I realized, however, that I spent more at restaurants in the past year than I did on all the utilities in my house combined, I figured it might be a bit more prudent to start taking a look at some of those cookbooks and recipe binders that have been collecting dust on my shelf.

I started out last week by making one of the recipes that my dear friend, Joscelyn, had hand-written for me as part of a house-warming gift several years ago.  I chose it primarily based on the merits that it appeared to be rather quick and easy.  Plus it involved chicken–something very approachable to a bachelor like me.  Less than an hour later I sat down to what I’m happy to say was a very satisfying meal of chicken marsala with sage.  Now that wasn’t so hard!

Today, I followed up with another recipe somebody clipped for me from a magazine: Welsh Rabbit.  OK, at first I thought, uh, rabbit?  Sorry, I passed on buying any of that when I was at Arthur Ave a few weeks ago.  But then I read the recipe and saw that it doesn’t call for any meat products at all.  Just bread, cheddar cheese, tomato soup… hey, wait a minute!  Oh, and Worcestershire sauce, onions, pepper, and chives.  Dice the onions, chop the cheese, throw it all in a skillet with the soup, Worcestershire sauce and pepper; stir over medium heat til it’s all melted together.  Toast the bread, ladle the red goop onto the bread and put under a broiler until it starts to bubble; garnish with fresh chives.  Voila!

Now that wasn’t so hard either!

Welsh Rabbit - safe for bunnies.

Welsh Rabbit - safe for bunnies.

2 Responses to “There’s No Rabbit in Welsh Rabbit”

  1. Jos Says:

    So, yes, it was easy. But what about taste? C’mon. With that library of adjectives swimming around in your brain, you could have helped us taste it. 🙂 Glad the marsala worked out for you.

    Here’s another GREAT bachelor meal if you like roast beef. I made it for the “maple crew” this past week.

    French dip sandwiches

    Garlic bread
    Roast beef
    Beef stock
    Pepper jack

    You can make your own garlic bread if you want or just buy the Pepperidge Farm frozen stuff. Cook it according to directions.

    Saute onion in a bit of melted butter until soft(I know you don’t like onion, but you don’t really end up eating them. It’s just for flavor). Stir a tablespoon of flour into the onions until a paste forms. Pour in the beef broth. Heat through. When the garlic bread is done, dip the slices of roast beef into the broth to heat (don’t leave it too long if you like it rare) and place it on the sandwich. Top with slices of pepper jack and put back into the oven on broil until the cheese is melted and bubbling. Top with the other half of garlic bread and slice into sandwiches. 🙂 Pour au jus into a bowl. Dip sandwich and enjoy. Oh the yumminess. 🙂 I served it with a big tossed salad.

    No measurements because it’s really just a toss into the pan and go thing. Depends on how many you want to serve. You can just cook half the garlic bread and halve it again or the whole thing and cut it into three sandwiches, etc.

    On another note, I ordered Photoshop and Lightroom. Start preparing your tutorials! 🙂

  2. Ken Says:

    Wow, Jos, you are my veritable encyclopedia for all things culinary! I love the French dip sandwiches at Houston’s, and these sound really good, especially with the pepper jack cheese. I’ll have to give it a try maybe sometime next week. Oh, and I’m not entirely down on onions… in fact I had a bunch with the red curry I made tonight. I’m just not crazy about raw onions in salads (though, I don’t seem to mind the red ones). I dunno, maybe I’m changing/developing my acquired tastes?

    Yay for Photoshop! You’ll never look back…

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