Da Svidaniya

Well hello neglected blog readers! Life has been in blur mode for me over the past few weeks as I’ve been blessed with quite a lot of business and I’ve been trying to adequately prepare for a week away from home. Bit here I am again, sitting in another airport, ready to board a plane for a new destination. I just enjoyed a visit with Ken Taylor and his family on a planned long layover in Washington DC, but now I’m continuing on my way to Moscow. This will be a new, slightly more adventuresome trip for me. Charming, first world Europe is always a pleasant destination, but it’s not exactly exotic. Russia may no longer be soviet, but it’s still populated with Russians, and the country is still reputed to impose unique difficulties for travelers. Certainly the visa process was a bit challenging, something I’m guessing is a taste of my week to come. For now, though, I’m sitting in a roomy economy plus seat (scored for free by simply asking the right question) and hope to get some decent rest on the 11 hour, red-eye flight. With only an hour of sleep to my credit last night, I’m needing to break the mental fog that comes beyond fatigue. An overnight flight and jumping 8 time zones tends only to contribute to this problem, so a little sleep would go a long way in preventing my first day in Russia from being nothing more than a marathon sleep session. Well, our flight is starting to taxi, so I’d best shut down my phone. More to come!

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