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20 Hour Trip to Meet New Friends

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
Samuel is proud of his sunglasses

The night train from Salzburg to Zurich was only my third experience in a sleeper car, my first two being in Russia.  I found the facilities a bit inferior to what I encountered in Russia, contrary to my expectations.  I had a top bunk, and found it a bit disconcerting that there was no guard rail to keep me in the narrow bed.  If the train had a sudden lurch, I could have had a nasty fall onto the floor and ladder below.  Also, there were no convenient compartments or shelves to store your night time sundries, such as my cell phone or toothbrush.  The bed itself was rather firm, a bit too conducive to cutting off the circulation to my limbs.  I was tired enough, however, to sleep quite well for the 4 hours before the lady came by to wake us up for breakfast and return our passports.  I had just enough time (more…)