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Church in Limoges and Arrival at Camp

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
Christophe preparing the barbecue

I had intended to wake up by 9, but my sleep deficit combined with a dark, quiet camper caused me to sleep until nearly 10.  I joined Christophe, Isabelle, and Babette just in time for breakfast, and then enjoyed a leisurely morning preparing for our trip, visiting with the family, and playing with Samuel, the youngest, and perhaps most extroverted of the Chenier brothers.  Matthieu and Timothee arrived right at noon with their grandparents.  Both had grown several inches since I saw them a year ago.

The Cheniers had originally planned to drive to camp on Monday and had even offered to give Babette and I a ride, though I told them I had my car anyway so that wouldn’t be necessary.  As it turned out, their car broke down just the day we arrived, so we ended up giving Matthieu and his older brother Nathaniel a ride in my car.  Timothee and his younger brother, Johan, would ride with another family from Limoges the next day.  It ended up working out quite well, and the parents were very thankful. (more…)