Au Revoir, Mes Amis! A bientot!

Hello, Mom, Dad, and my other 3 friends that occassionally check in on my blog.  I’m sitting in JFK’s Admiral’s Lounge, waiting for my 10 pm departure to Paris.  This particular trip has one significant difference from most of my others: I have a travel companion.  Babette Beasley, an Oklahoma girl who spent the first 12 years of her life living in Southeastern France, is coming with me to work at Camp Arc-en-ciel, the Christian youth camp just north of the Pyrenees in southern France.  She met me through my blog about my camp experience last year, we’ve corresponded for a few months, and now she’s coming to visit old friends and get an Arc-en-ciel experience of her own.

Most flights to Europe are redeyes, and can often be little fun.  We get to enjoy the added comforts of business class, and we’re both tired enough from the mayhem that has been the precursor to this trip that we should have no troubles getting some sleep as we hop the pond.

In Paris, I’ll be meeting the Augis, my Parisian friends from many years of ski vacations, and Babette will be meeting up with some of her friends who live in the area.  I’ll spend a night with the Augis, then take a train for Salzburg, Austria on Wednesday morning.  Friday evening, I’ll catch a sleeper car on the overnight train to Lyon where I’ll pick up a car, meet up with Babette, and drive to Limoges.  I’ll be staying with a family I met at last year’s camp, attending their church in the morning, then driving to Toulouse where I’ll return the car and catch the short train to Boussens.  Someone from camp will pick us up there and then it’s 2 weeks of camp fun!

Well, that’s the plan anyway… I wonder how it all will go?

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  1. kathie beasley Says:

    THANKYOU SO MUCH for keeping us posted! I wish you both the best and pray the Lord’s blessings on everything you guys do! Thankyou too for making it a special time…I have enjoyed your blog over the past few months, and feel like I personally have done some traveling as you make your experiences come alive! I believe we all are covering your paths w/praer. It means a lot to know that you both put the Lord first in all you do and I’m certain He will be with you. Will wait patiently for updates. I think Rebekah put it best… “a bit envious, easier to share than to take turns” Wishing we were there too! Ha! It wouldn’t be as much fun for you both though! ENJOY and then share with us all!

  2. Rebekah Says:

    Somehow you seem to have added a small oklahoma audience to your following of 3 or so…
    Bonnes vacances! : )

  3. Dad Says:

    HowDEE. Good to hear you actually got some decent sleep going over. Oh, those rechargeable batteries! What would we do without them? I have to tell you it was charming seeing the two of you walking into the terminal, bags on back and faces alight. We can’t wait to hear how Salzburg was and are praying you both will have exceptionally good and fruitful weeks at Arc en Ciel. Long live cabin inspection!

  4. Ken Says:

    Merci, Rebekah and Kathie! So far so great. I’m enjoying Austria quite a bit, and I’ve only been here for one evening. Two more days here, then it’s back to France! I’m really looking forward to camp.

  5. Lana Pediford Says:

    I met Babbette when were were younger at a church camp in Ok. We camped near Robbers Cave. I dont know if Babbette remembers me, but I was looking up old Church friends on Facebook and Google and came across this webpage. I attended Trinity Temple Christian Church in Dallas Tx and we would travel to Ok for church camp every summer. I believe I met her there and I think her family traveled to Tx to visit the church. Her family used to be missionaries to France. Since then our church has moved locations and renamed itself. Pastor Campbell retired years ago and now Bro Mike Hendrix leads the church. Does Babbette have a Facebook?

  6. Ken Brooks Says:

    Lana, I sent you the info via e-mail.


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