First Class Living on the TGV

Approaching Salzburg

Approaching Salzburg

So it seems that I can never get more than 6 hours of sleep, even while on vacation.  I finally shut things down last night just after 3, and was up before 9, packing things up and saying goodbye to the Augis.  Actually, Nathalie had already left for work earlier in the morning.  Valentin was still sleeping, so I tackled him in his sleep so he could say a bientot.  Antoine was up and ready to head to the country club for his golf program.  He was not very pleased with me for coming for such a short visit.  I gave a vapid promise that I might come again next year.  After all, I’ll need to come check out “la chambre de Ken” that should be complete by next summer.  This is what they are calling the guest suite in the new house.  We also talked about skiing in Morzine this coming winter.  They already have reservations and suggested that I contact Anne at La Dahu.  Last year I was too late to make a reservation and the hotel was fully booked.

Marc and I hit the road in the Mini, making good time until we hit traffic in northern Paris.  It’s always a bit exhilarating to ride with Marc, and we soon negotiated our way through the narrow, cobbled streets until we reached Gare de Est.  I had just 20 minutes to spare, but I quickly located my track on the display and had time to pickup a Choco Suisse and Orangina before boarding my cabin and settling into my seat.

One nice thing about the Eurail Pass is that it gives seats in the first class cabin.  In addition to the normal enhancements such as comfortable seats and more personal space, this usually provides power plugs at every seat and occasionally a nice meal.  I just finished a pleasant lunch of salmon over risotto, and I need not worry about my laptop’s battery as I allow myself to be distracted by the perfectly-picturesque French countryside whisking past my window seat at 200+ kilometers per hour.  Even at these speeds, it will take four hours to reach Stuttgart where I transfer to another train for another 4 hours to Salzburg.  As the satisfaction of lunch settles in, the quiet hum of the train is beckoning me to lower my eyelids.  I think I’ll heed the call.

I just wish the view out my window wasn’t so captivating.

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