Smooth travels, Brief visits

Relaxing in the Admiral's Club

Relaxing in the Admiral's Club

Well, our flight to Paris was comfortable and uneventful, two key virtues to covet on a trip.  Babette and I had the very first seats on the plane, enjoyed a gourmet 3-course dinner, and seats that extended and reclined to pretty much completely flat beds.  I enjoyed the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had on a plane, even if it only lasted about 4 hours.

Our arrival, customs, and baggage claim were completed quickly, and Babette met up with one of her friends just outside the arrivals area.  The three of us enjoyed some small talk for a few minutes until Marc Augis showed up to bring me to Lamorlaye.

Marc and Nathalie are both extraordinarily busy right now, with 2 new stores now in Paris in addition to the one they already own in Lyon, plus Marc’s regular job as technical director at Sky Rock.  Plus they are in the middle of having their new home constructed.  As we arrived at the house, I found that the cement exoskeleton has been completed and extensive excavation (hey, that’s 3 words in the same sentence using the letter “x”!) has left the yard in a bit of a mess.  Clearly the new house will be quite spectacular when it is finished this coming December.

I spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Valentin and Antoin, playing video games, hide-and-seek around the construction site, launching golf balls off the top of their huge dirt pile in the back yard, and just generally goofing off until Marc and Nathalie arrived home late in the evening.  We ate dinner around 10:45, catching up a bit on each other’s lives.  After dinner, Marc took me for a thrill ride in his new Porsche Targa, tearing up the sleepy neighborhoods at midnight with the wonderful throaty sounds of a $100K+ sports car.

Several months of irresponsible sleeping have combined with a 6 hour time difference to make me rather sleepy.  It is, after-all, nearly 3 a.m., and I need to be packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning at 9:30 when Marc will take me to the train station for my long journey first to Stuttgart and then on to Salzburg.  I’ve only taken a few photos thus far, but they will have to wait at this point until I have a little more mental energy to download them from my camera, process them on my laptop, then upload them to the blog.

For now… blissful sleep!

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  1. Dad Says:

    Nice wheels…enjoy Austria. Do a little yodeling for me.

  2. Ken Says:

    Not sure I can make any promises on the yodeling part, but I AM enjoying Austria! 🙂

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