Hey Look, New Fonts!

Notice anything different about my site? Perhaps something in the typeface? Yup, my site and blog are sporting new fonts, and the really amazing thing is… none of them are the standard web fare of Verdana, Georgia, Arial, or Times. Typefaces that went beyond this limited list where usually done through rendered graphics, but not now!  Go ahead, try selecting the text on this page.

“Web Typography” used to be an oxymoron. The palette of type faces was limited to a “safe” list of about three or four lowest common denominator fonts.  If you ever wanted something more imaginative, you had to save the text as a graphic.  This made edits more than tedious, and it ham-strung any hopes of your content being found by search engines.  So we stuck with our boring Arial and wrote typography off.

Well, things seem to finally be changing. CSS has already brought a decent amount of control for things like line spacing and precise text sizing. And now a new service is being tested to reliably bring thousands of new fonts to web sites, whether the end user has the fonts installed or not. River Design was selected to beta test this new program, and what better guinea pig to test it on than myself?

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