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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Social media has risen rapidly to generate the most traffic on the Internet. The main players, or the ‘Big Three’ as I like to call them, are Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Many small to mid-sized business, however, have a hard time keeping all these monsters fed, let alone keep their own web sites up to date.

Over the past two years, I’ve been incredibly busy building lots of web sites on a content management platform that integrates with these social media outlets. Nearly every site I build now has a blog roll or news feature that automatically pushes content out to a Facebook page, Linkedin profile, or Twitter feed.  Now my clients can focus on feeding just their web site which in turn feeds their social network presence.  With any web browser they can access all the content on their site, create or edit new pages, and enter new posts for their blog roll or news feed.  Some even use the iPhone or Blackberry apps that allows them to snap a photo with their phone, write a few lines of text, and instantly broadcast it out to their web site and social media.  Never before have small business owners been able to edit their own web site content while one the go.  With the online world now more than ever such a crucial venue for marketing, these sort of web sites are proving to be valuable tools.

For some interesting stats on the zeitgeist of social media, check out this video: