My First Time Lapse

I finally picked up a time lapse controller for my Canon 5D, and I’ve been eager to get out and try my hand at this visually-arresting video technique. The carnival is in town for two weeks, so I ran down on Thursday night when I figured the crowds would not be overwhelming.

I was only there for about 5 minutes when a manager approached me.  I figured I was being kicked out, but he let me stay and even asked for my card.  Yesterday, he stopped by my office to check out this video and some other photos I took.  There’s now a possibility they could become a client.  You never know where your next client could come from…

I hadn’t read the manual on the controller, and I wasn’t sure about the length of the intervals, but I guessed and it seems that it worked OK. Perhaps a slower shutter speed on some of the daylight series would have helped them not look so choppy. I kept the camera on full manual exposure settings and focus so that there would be continuity in exposure, etc.

My favorite thing I discovered about time lapse is the power of using CR2 files, which allowed me to coax the richness of color with an ease you simply don’t have when simply color-correcting regular video. Also, I didn’t bother to go above my comfort zone of 1080P, but it was cool to realize I suddenly had the ability to render out a 4K video if I wanted to.

I shot this mostly with a 17-40 f4L. I did shoot a little bit of regular video, which I mixed in here and there.

One issue that remains a challenge for me is to figure out how to get my video to look as good on Vimeo as it does when played from my local computer. I’m seeing color management as a key item I need to figure out. Anyone have pointers for me?

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