I spent a couple of days at the PDN/WPPI show in NYC this week. As any good convention should be, I learned lots of great stuff, and had some good meetings with some of my vendors. Also got to meet in person several other photographers and industry ‘big wigs’ that I’ve gotten to know online.  These include Canon’s Chuck Westfall, Rick Sammons, Mark Wallace, Susan Roderick & Kenna Klosterman of Creative Live, Dennis of Cinevate, Shane Hurlbut, and Vincent Laforet.

Here are a few shots from Thursday and Friday.  Shane Hurlbut is a director of photography for many feature films, including Terminator Salvation and The Greatest Game Ever Played. He shot an upcoming movie, Act of Valor using Canon 5D mk IIs for about 80% of the movie. He’s also teamed up with Letus to create a new series of DSLR cinema rigs.  Got to demo the rigs with the president of Letus and Julien Lasseur from Hurlbut Visuals. The series of shots of the model were from a workshop I helped with at the Westcott booth, presented by Andy from Unknown Photographer. A few people wanted to see the final shots to compare notes on the strobe techniques Andy used.

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