New Canon C300 compact digital cinema camera a bit disappointing

Canon just finished its announcement of the first camera in a new line of digital cinema cameras, the C300.  Along with the rest of the film-making world, I was pretty excited to see what Canon was announcing today.  It was clear that they were woken up a bit by the sleeper success of the 5DmkII, and decided to build a camera with the same small form factor benefits but with the pro-video features the 5D was lacking.  Namely, uncompressed video, XLR ins, HDSDI out, reduced rolling shutter, etc.  I had hoped to see these sort of features with perhaps 2K resolution and 60fps at something around the $6-7K price range… a natural extension for the democratized DSLR video market.  But alas, the MSRP is a whopping $20K, and it records no higher than 1080P 30fps.  At that price I would’ve expected at least 4K at 30fps and 2K at 60fps.

They did mention that this is the first camera in this series, so maybe they’re doing like Apple has done with the iPad and are leaving themselves a nice upgrade roadmap.  All that means to me, though, is no early adopting on this camera.  What a disappointment.

Here are a few shots of the camera from Cinevate:

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