About Ken

Hi! I’m Ken Brooks.

But if you didn’t know that already, you probably wouldn’t be reading my blog.

I created this blog about three quarters of the way through my recent trip to Europe, realizing that simply posting photos to Facebook didn’t quite fit the bill for those who were interested in following my travels. So I quickly threw together this blog.

At this point, it only covers my trip to Europe, but as the title suggests, it probably should cover a few other things, as there is actually a bit more to my life than just five weeks in Europe.  So, when I get bored I might throw down a few more words. Most likely future posts won’t be quite so mammoth as the ones that I’ve been inflicting both of my readers with thus far.  I found that my posts from Europe were not exactly daily, and well, there was kind of a lot to talk about!

So keep coming back to read more, oh faithful subscribers, because there’s bound to be some exciting stuff coming up about things like slow Subaru drivers, the American epidemic of obscene tipping, the joys of outdoor adventure, and encounters with everyday morons.

Just because I needed something else to do!