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NAB 2011: Red Scarlet, Cinevate, and other cool HDSLR gear

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

I just spent two very quick, very busy days at the 2011 NAB show in Las Vegas.  As usual, there was tons to see and lots to learn.  Highlights for me were, in no particular order:

  • Trying out the Angeneux Optimo lenses. Sadly, $50K for a lens is outside my budget for the time being.
  • Seeing the Kessler Crane Revolution head and Orion controller in action.
  • Getting hands-on with the Cinevate stuff.  Most of my current rig is made by Cinevate, so it’s great to see the rest of the product line first-hand.
  • Getting an up-close look of the new Red Scarlet in action as it wandered around the show floor.

  • Checking out a promising-looking new powered cage by ECC Tools at the Oconner booth.
  • Trying out the Phantom Gold super high speed camera. Again, sadly $150K for a camera is outside my budget for the time being.
  • Meeting Vincent Laforet, Dennis Wood of Cinevate, and Mitch Aunger of Planet5d.
  • Lots of 4K eye candy by Christie, Panasonic, and others.

Photos from Europe

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

For those of you who haven’t seen my photos on facebook, or just want to be able to view them full-screen, here’s a gallery from my recent trip to Europe.  Photos are from a couple of towns north of Paris, the French and Swiss Alps in the haute savoie region, parts of the Rhone region of France, and from Prague in the Czech Republic.


[slidepress gallery=’europe-2011-winter’]

iPhone ‘Cinematography’

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

River Design began offering video services late last year, with significant investments in a professional rig. We’ve seen some early success with several projects already completed (I’ll be posting those soon), but I was most impressed with my recent experience with the iPhone.  While on vacation in France & Switzerland, I decided to whip out my iPhone and film a bit of the beautiful mountains while I was skiing.  I then did a quick edit in about 10 minutes and uploaded the resulting video to youtube.  All of it was done right on my phone.  It’s not a terribly professional result, but considering that the camera, editing and encoding package, and uploader all fit in about 1/5th of my pocket, I was pretty amazed.

Check it out for yourself:

And as a little bonus, here’s one I shot with my iPhone and the GoPro Hero, mounted to a chest strap.  I edited this one using iMovie on my laptop, so the result, while still far from professional, is a step up from what the iPhone can produce by itself:

Shooting Models (with no bloodshed)

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Hello, neglected Blog! I’ve been rather busy lately, and I fear I’ve dropped the ball a bit on our relationship. But someone has to pay the bills, right?  Well, in a feeble effort to make amends, here’s a quick post on one of the many things that has been keeping me from you.

I spent this past Saturday morning shooting people.  Two to be exact.  What’s more, I first put their arms and legs into casts.  But don’t worry, though about 400 shots were fired, no blood was shed, and the police should leave me well enough alone.

Saturday’s photo shoot was for some product packaging for one of my clients, G4 Medical. The products are cast protectors, used to keep a cast or bandage dry while taking a bath or shower.  We shot at two lovely homes in Greenwich, where I was able to find bathrooms large enough to fit my lighting gear and allow enough room to use my 50mm lens without distortion.  Here are a few shots from the day.

And Blog, please don’t be jealous… I’ll be making a conscious effort to devote a little more time to you in the near future. I promise.

[slidepress gallery=’201011_g4_shoot’]

Canon Expo in New York

Saturday, September 4th, 2010
Entering the Canon Expo

Entering the Canon Expo

I spent today at the once-every-five-years Canon Expo in New York. As expected, the hot topics on the seminar agendas were related to shooting video with DSLRs.  I attended sessions with Steven Poster (president of International Cinematographers Guild and Director of Photography for a slew of feature films from Blade Runner to Cats and Dogs), Shane Hurlbut (Director of Photography for Terminator Salvation and upcoming Acts of Valor), and other HDSLR mainstays such as Vincent Laforet.  I was particularly impressed with the work Shane has done with the upcoming Acts of Valor, an action film about the Navy SEALS. He shot all the main action shots with Canon 5Ds and 7Ds, and the results were stunning. Even more interesting, when the (more…)